Welcome to the privacy policy page for our Huckleberry Lemonade website – where we offer both concentrate AND ready-to-drink options for your drinking and entertainment pleasure!

First, we do not share your contact information with anyone else, EVER.

When you purchase, you are automatically enrolled in our huckleberry gourmet foods customer email list. This list is ONLY for purposes of communicating with you as a customer, and for periodic news or information we send out, new product announcements, special sales, or other topics that should be of interest to you, as a huckleberry lover.

EVERY email we send out includes an OPT OUT link at the bottom. Click there, indicate in the box you no longer wish to receive messages, and you are no longer on our periodic messaging service. But we hope that you will stay aboard and enjoy our occasional sharing about all things huckleberry.  We don’t send a lot of emails, but we do like to let you know when something special is going on with our huckleberry goodies!

Enjoy your huckleberry lemonade, and thanks for your business!

Malcolm & Sandy

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